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Fishing Tackle


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Fishing Tackle - You Get This Wrong And It's All Over

By Mike Singh


When talking about fishing tackle, you should have a good heart to heart with the fish you're looking to reel in. Ask them about their lifestyle, where they're from, what kind of diet they're into, and other aspects of their daily life. Of course, we aren't talking literally about having this conversation! You can find out about all of this crucial information without even phoning a fish.


Why are all these questions important? It is because you won't have any success at fishing unless you know what kind of prey you're hunting, and know what kind of equipment you need to catch them. You see, fishing gear is very specific to the type of fish it's meant to capture. Moreover, fishing gears and accessories would also require various lures specifically for various fish species. Just as fishing gears, there are also various types of lures to be used, depending on the type of fish to be captured - but that is another story.


There is different gear for fresh and saltwater fish. Equipment varies if you're in still water, a slow moving river, or a class 5 rapids. Plus, you'll need to know what season you're fishing during, and what part of the world you'll be in. And, yes, your gear needs to match the type of foods your fish like to eat.


Once you have this type of information for your next fishing trip, you can get down to buying the right fishing tackle. First, look for tackle that will balance your particular lures. For instance, heavy tackle with a light lure will prevent the lure from doing its job. The heavier your lure, the more weighty tackle you can use. A spinning tackle is recommended for beginners: it is easy to use, casts a mile, and drags excellently.


You can even consider using weights in some instances. In this case, be sure to keep them as distant from the lure as possible. And with the basic tackle rule mentioned above, try to avoid overweighing your lure with too many weights.


And of course, ask yourself a lot of questions when you're on the market for new gear. Are you the kind of fishermen who likes to have all the finest gear, even if you won't use it that much? Do you require a fishing tackle box that you're proud to open in front of your friends? Lastly, what kind of diet are you into?


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