Catfish Fishing



Fishing Rods and Reels

You do not need to have a fancy fishing rod or reel in order to catch catfish. Sturdy equipment is going to be your best such as Ugly Sticks which are very tough and hold up very well for you.

Fishing reels for smaller cats can vary such as spin casting reels. You can also use spinning or bait casting reels which will also work well for you. You will want to use a reel that will allow you to cast the bait you want to use. For big cats, you will want to use a heavy spinning or bait casting reel. 

Fishing Line

Catfish feed by smell and sight but monofilament and braided fishing lines are good to use with them. More expensive lines are normally not necessarily needed. 



The normal basic catfish rig consists of a sinker heavy enough to hold your bait onto the bottom, a swivel, and a hook on a leader. Either a bullet or round sinker will work. A short shanked hook is normally used. Many times, circle hooks are usually used. You should choose a size that is going to be suitable for the size of catfish you want to catch. 

Fishing Bait

Catfish will hit with just about any type of fishing bait. Earthworms, liver, crickets, cut bait, and just about any other kind of bait will work well for most catfish.

Where To Fish

Catfish can be caught pretty much anywhere there is water is found from rivers and streams to ponds and lakes.