Walleye Fishing


A Popular Fishing Sport

Walleye fishing is a popular fishing sport and along with its popularity come many laws, rules and regulations. Walleye fishing is regulated by just about every natural resource agency and management typically includes the use of length limits and quotas as to not over-exploit the walleye fish population. The most common regulations regard the size of the walleye fish.

In some states, if a walleye fish is of a certain size, it is not legal to take the fish. As far as the popularity of the sport goes, according to the International Game Fish Association (IGFA), the current IGFA all tackle record for the walleye fish is 11.34 kilograms or 25lbs 0oz. This record was set in 1960 when a fisherman caught the 11.34 kilogram walleye fish near the town of Old Hickory Lake in the state of Tennessee.


Where to Find Walleye Fish

According to studies regarding the walleye fish, walleyes travel many miles in order to reach spawning destinations and they are highly mobile. Other factors that affect their mobility include oxygen content, light penetration and water temperature. Walleye fish have excellent visibility abilities under low-illumination conditions and seem to prefer to feed most extensively during the hours of dusk, dawn and on cloudy overcast days.

In the spring, Walleyes tend to remain in shallow water all day on days that meet the above conditions. Shallow water would be considered to be anything under 15ft of water. During the summer, the walleye fish prefer deeper water of 15 to 30 feet during the day but shallower areas at dusk and dawn.

In the fall, the walleye again prefers shallower waters as in spring due to the cooling of the surface temperatures. The walleye is a highly popular fishing catch during the winter and in fact, most big walleye catches occur with ice fishing.

How to Catch a Walleye and Popular Walleye Fishing Lures

A majority of walleye catches occur with live bait, but there are random times when a fisherman gets lucky with the finicky walleye recklessly hitting an artificial lure. The walleye fish is considered to be a “schooling fish,” which means that if you find one, there are bound to be many more at large and makes a catch more likely.

Pieces of worm and/or minnow are favorites of the walleye when it comes to bait. If you want to guarantee a walleye catch, then consider using minnows, night crawlers or leeches used on a jig. Trolling or casting with minnow-imitating plugs and/or spinners and beads is also a good bet.