Fishing Reels


Choosing the right fishing reels can be quite a difficult task for the beginner, with so many different styles and manufacturers to select from. Yet, thatís part of what makes fishing fun and exciting - the wide selection of reels available to fish with.

 There are four main types of reel, spinning, spincast, baitcasting and fly. Each has a particular role, depending on the type of angling you wish to do.

 Spinning Reels

These are the most common and popular type of reels. They are open faced, versatile and relatively easy to use after some practice.  The line is controlled by opening a bail before casting and then holding it with the forefinger to keep it from coming off the spool. The reels have good line capacity, and are more accurate than the spincast reels but do not perform as well when a line heavier than 20 pounds is required.

 Spincast Reels

This type of reel has a closed face, with the main parts enclosed under the nose cone. The line comes out from a small hole in the cover. Beginners prefer this type as it helps keep the line from tangling and is the easiest to use.

You just need to press the button to release the line when casting and let go to stop the line. Itís very easy and straightforward, but does lack accuracy and distance of the other types.


Baitcasting Reels

Perhaps these are the most difficult to use, as the spool turns when casting and can become easily tangled. These reels work well with heavier lines and lures and are very accurate. They are used mainly by experience anglers.

 Fly Reels

This type of fishing takes plenty of practice before you become accurate and comfortable with it. Learning how to control the line tension, the weight of the lure, as well as mastering the casting technique can take a lot a time. But, once you get it all together, itís terrific fun.

 No matter which type of reel you choose, you need to know about drag.

This is a mechanism that you set to how much resistance a fish feels when pulling on the line, the tighter the setting the greater the resistance. This setting needs to be tight enough to tire the fish but not too tight as the line may break or become over stressed.

 If you learn to use all these types of reel, you will certainly gain enormous experience in the world of angling. You will be able to enjoy so many different localities for fishing and also catch an incredible variety of species.