Fishing Bobbers


Common Types of Fishing Bobbers: A Guide for Beginner Anglers


Fishing Bobbers are small tools that are attached to a fishing line and float on the water. Fishermen of all skill levels use them mainly to indicate when a fish is biting the hook. They also let you know where your bait is, especially when your line is cast out some distance away from you, and enable you to set the bait at certain depths.

Fishing bobbers are available in several different shapes and sizes, and made of materials such as plastic, cork or balsa wood. Each type is designed to be used in different kinds of fishing conditions. Slow or fast water, still water in a confined water such as a canal, windy or still weather,  different baits, the distance the bait is to be cast, or the type of fish you want to catch will determine the type of bobber you will need


Three common bobbers suitable for a beginner fisherman are round, slip and pencil bobbers.

Round Bobber

As the name suggests this is a round shaped hollow ball, usually colored red and white. It sits on top of the water and is pulled under then a fish is biting. They do not slide freely on the line.

Slip Bobber

This type is oval or round shaped, with a plastic tube inserted through it. The fishing line is passed through the tube, and you can tie a knot in the line at the depth you want the bobber to stop. The main advantage of a slip bobber is that it can be adjusted to sit at different depths without removing it from the line.

 Pencil Bobber

A pencil bobber is long and thin with a rounder shape in the middle. It lies on its side in the water and stands up then a fish is biting. It is held on to the line with a clasp and is the best choice when fishing for small species.