Brief Carp Fishing Beginner's Guide


Are you interested in carp fishing? Are you new and wish you had a few tips and tricks up your sleeve? There are tips and tricks out there that will make your experience much more successful. Just make sure that you have an experienced friend that goes with you! It will make the experience more enjoyable and make sure nothing awful happens.

Selecting Water to Carp Fish in

There are so many different options when it comes to carp fishing. You could decide to go to a public, free river of some sort. There are also options for locations that have day passes and membership passes. Select the type of water you want to fish in based on what works for you the most. If you want high quality waters, you may want to pay for it. If you fish often, you are going to want to have a membership as opposed to paying out of pocket every day you decide to go out there.


Keep the Size of Carp in Mind

Carp are not small fish by any stretch of the imagination. They need certain types of bait and you are going to need to have equipment that is strong enough for their weight. It does not have to be super expensive to acquire carp bait. You could even make your own, if you would like to save some money.  Please make sure to remember that carp want specific types of bait. They are attracted to the color red and often times simply making "dough balls" with red food dye can lure them in.

Get to Know the Water Before Fishing

If you have never used the water that you are thinking of trying, it is important to get to know it. Maybe go and talk to those that already fish there or go with someone that you know does. They will help you get acquainted.