Bass Fishing


Kinds of Bait to Use

If you have not done must bass fishing before, deciding upon what kind of bait to use can seem impossible to figure out to you but it is not as hard as you may think it is. There are really only 3 main kinds of baits that most people agree will work nearly each time you use them for your bass fishing needs. The baits include spinnerbaits, topwaters, and lipless crankbaits. When you are putting together your bass fishing kit, putting these 3 basic baits in the kit is a must.

Spinnerbaits are commonly used because how they can cover a great deal of water at one time and how they can cover a variety of water levels in a very short time, which means you are getting more bait for your buck.


Topwater baits are mainly used during the early morning or late evening hours. They are used when it is dusky out and when there is low light. They are also very effective when there is a little wind.

Lipless crankbaits are used because they are considered one of the best ways to find those bass fish that are hiding out in tall grass and such. You can place these lipless crankbaits on the top of the grass and the fish will bite your bait. This is the bait to use when you cannot seem to catch those hiding fish.

These 3 basic baits are the favorites of so many people that are bass fishing. You must remember that these 3 basic baits are used so often because they work time after time.